Summer menu

Pub menu Plate of fries 60:- With bearnaise sauce. Nachos 60:- With cheese, served with salsa & aioli. Hot Basket 109:- Chicken wings, onion rings, chili cheese, mozzarella sticks, pommes frites & aioli. Tapas Plate 129:- Garlic bread, spicy shrimps, cheddar cheese, olives, beer jerky (veg alt. halloumi), roasted almonds & romesco salsa. Hot Chicken Wings 119:- With salad & pommes frites. Fish n Chips 129:- Fried plaice with remoulade sauce, pommes frites, a lemon wedge & a dash of vinegar.

Starters Carpaccio of Tenderloin 109:- With chili oil, salad, herbs & parmagiano-reggiano. Shrimp Sandwich 109:- With hand peeled norwegian shrimps, romaine salad, tomatoes, cucumber, boiled egg, lemon mayonnaise on butter grilled bread. Garlic Bread 40:-
Entremets Bulgur 109:- With warm seasonal vegetables & salsa Caesar salad 139:-/129:- Choose from hand peeled shrimps or grilled chicken with bacon, parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons and caesar dressing. Greek salad 109:- Fresh garden salad with salad cheese, red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives & vinaigrette and bread.

Main Courses Grilled Salmon 179:- With vegetables, thyme baked potato & romesco salsa. Grilled Entrecote 229:- Served with a corn cob, onion rings, asparagus, bearnaise sauce & sweet potato fries. Beef Oscar 209:- 200g grilled sirloin steak served with hand peeled norwegian shrimps, bearnaise sauce & pommes frites. Pepper Steak 209:- 200g grilled sirloin steak served with vegetables, pepper sauce & pommes frites. Fried Plaice 139:- Served with bearnaise sauce, white asparagus, shrimps & pommes frites. Moules Fries 179:- Blue mussels braised in a chardonnay & creme sauce with herbs served with aioli & pommes frites.
Hamburgers Classic Burger 119:- Salad, tomatoes, red onions, rhode island dressing & fries. Hot Chili Garlic Burger 119:- Salad, tomatoes, red onions, hot chili sauce, aioli dressing & fries. Veggie Burger 119:- Salad, tomatoes, red onions, rhode island dressing & fries. Cheese Burger 139:- Salad, tomatoes, red onions, cheese, rhode island dressing & fries. Bacon Burger 139:- Salad, tomatoes, red onions, cheese, bacon, rhode island dressing & fries. Bourbon Burger 139:- Salad, tomatoes, red onions, cheese, jim beam glaze, bbq mayonnaise & fries. Nyhavn Burger 149:- Salad, tomatoes, red onions, bacon, cheese, fried egg, onion rings, aioli dressing & fries.

Desserts French Chocolate Cake 89:- Lingonberries & vanilla creme fraiche. Mocca Creme Brulee 79:- Chocolate Truffle 59:- Raspberry sorbet, meringue rumbles & coulis. Meringue Twist 59:- Vanilla ice cream with meringue, bananas, whipped cream & dark chocolate sauce.

Drafts & bottles menu

Drafts Firestone Double Barrel Ale 85:- Firestone Union Jack IPA 86:- Firestone Pivo Hoppy Pils 84:- Fourpure Juicebox IPA 86:- Great White Bulldog IPA 77:- A Ship full of IPA 75:- Sitting Bulldog IPA 75:- Sleepy Bulldog Pale Ale 71:- Starobrno Lager 54:-/67:- Heineken 52:-/64:- Norrlands Guld 58:- Murphy's Stout 69:- Briska Pear Cider 47:-/58:-
Bottles Samba King IPA 76:- Höganäs APA 76:- Affligem Blond Ale 76:- Södra IPA 76:- Södra Pale Ale 74:- Brutal Bulldog Double IPA 74:- Newcastle Brown Ale 62:- Brooklyn Lager 64:- Baron Trenck 69:- Paulaner Munchner Hell 69:- Paulaner Hefe-Weisbier 69:- Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer 74:-
  Wisby Pils 59:- Sol 59:- Mariestads Continental 55:- Mariestads Oldox 69:- Mariestads Export 64:- Heineken Non-alc 42:- Karhu 66:- Tuborg Guld 66:- Gravendal Raspberry/lime 63:- Strongbow 56:- Briska Sunny Apple 56:- Briska Rosé Cider 56:- Breezer Watermelon 67:-

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